Class BrowseNodeModel

  extended byfreemind.modes.NodeAdapter
      extended byfreemind.modes.browsemode.BrowseNodeModel
All Implemented Interfaces:
MindMapNode, javax.swing.tree.MutableTreeNode, javax.swing.tree.TreeNode

public class BrowseNodeModel
extends NodeAdapter

This class represents a single Node of a Tree. It contains direct handles to its parent and children and to its view.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class freemind.modes.NodeAdapter
children, color, folded, font, icons, style, underlined, userObject
Fields inherited from interface freemind.modes.MindMapNode
Constructor Summary
BrowseNodeModel(FreeMindMain frame)
BrowseNodeModel(java.lang.Object userObject, FreeMindMain frame)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getStyle()
          A Node-Style like MindMapNode.STYLE_FORK or MindMapNode.STYLE_BUBBLE
 XMLElement save()
Methods inherited from class freemind.modes.NodeAdapter
addIcon, basicCopy, children, childrenFolded, childrenUnfolded, estabilishOwnFont, getAllowsChildren, getChildAt, getChildCount, getChildPosition, getColor, getEdge, getFont, getFontFamilyName, getFontSize, getFrame, getIcons, getIndex, getLink, getNodeLevel, getParent, getParentNode, getPath, getPreferredChild, getViewer, hasChildren, hasFoldedStrictDescendant, insert, isBold, isDescendantOf, isFolded, isItalic, isLeaf, isRoot, isUnderlined, remove, remove, removeFromParent, removeLastIcon, setBold, setColor, setEdge, setFolded, setFont, setFontSize, setItalic, setLink, setParent, setParent, setPreferredChild, setStyle, setUnderlined, setUserObject, setViewer, shallowCopy, toggleBold, toggleItalic, toString
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Constructor Detail


public BrowseNodeModel(FreeMindMain frame)


public BrowseNodeModel(java.lang.Object userObject,
                       FreeMindMain frame)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getStyle()
Description copied from class: NodeAdapter
A Node-Style like MindMapNode.STYLE_FORK or MindMapNode.STYLE_BUBBLE

Specified by:
getStyle in interface MindMapNode
getStyle in class NodeAdapter


public XMLElement save()