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FreeMindPDA is a PDA version of FreeMind. It works on Palm devices, PocketPCs, Linux, Windows and some Java devices. It offers the classical tree view as found in file system browsers, rather than mind map view found in FreeMind.



Binaries for Palm and source files can be downloaded from the FreemindPDA project page.

Download code tarball with precompiled binaries for all platforms.

Some think the mentioned tarball doesn't contain any binaries. Download working binaries for PocketPC ARM (Intel XScale, Samsung S3C, and more).


FreeMindPDA is licensed under GNU LGPL — GNU Lesser General Public License.


FreeMindPDA was originally developed by Vik Olliver. At this time, Vik is no longer actively involved with FreemindPDA.

Current development takes place at the FreemindPDA SourceForge site.

SourceForge projects

There are currently two SourceForge projects related to PDA and PocketPC versions of FreeMind, whatever the reasons. The projects are:




The code of FreeMindPDA is incomplete in version V0.01, but has left pre-alpha status. FreeMindPDA takes advantage of plain tree control, rather than mind map view. It is licenced under the LGPL; feel free to improve it - particularly the installation instructions. The program works on Palm devices, PocketPCs, Linux, Windows and some Java devices.

FreeMindPDA is a complete rewrite of FreeMind, as the facilities available on a PDA are significantly different to those on a PC; PDAs have smaller screens, do not understand double-clicks or right clicks, and often do not have resizable windows.


FreeMindPDA is running on SuperWaba virtual machine. SuperWaba is a Java-like virtual machine for portable devices, implementing a subset of Java. SuperWaba has freely downloadable standard development kits (SDKs), and a large number of supporting libraries licenced under LGPL. Documentation on SuperWaba is included in the SDK download. The Ant package is used to control builds, and development is carried out with a standard 1.4.x Java SDK.

SuperWaba supports Palm, PocketPC, PocketPC 200x, WinCE, Java, and Windows 32-bit operating systems; SuperWaba's alpha code supports native Linux and Symbian platforms, but is not suitable for general release.

The author of FreeMindPDA - Vik - uses Blackdown Java and the Eclipse IDE (containing its own Ant) running on Debian Linux. If the support of Linux and Symbian platforms is a must for you, contact the author: vik ( a t ) diamondage d0t co d0t nz.

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