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A mind map can be printed using the menu File > Print ... .

The printing settings can be adjusted in the menu File > Page Setup. The settings are (a) "Fit To One Page" and (b) "Print Zoom Factor".

In FreeMind 0.9.0, there is a print preview at File > Print Preview... .

An alternative way to print a mind map is to export it to HTML first by pressing Control + H, and then print from the web browser.


  • File > Page Setup...
  • File > Print...
  • File > Print Preview... (in 0.9.0, not in 0.8.1)


  • Control + P: Print...


  • Controller.acquirePrinterJobAndPageFormat
  • Controller.PageAction
  • Controller.PrintAction
  • Controller.PrintPreviewAction
  • MapView.preparePrinting
  • MapView.endPrinting
  • MapView.print


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