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The search for logotype is over. Do not send us any more logotypes.

We are looking for logotype for FreeMind. If you want to contribute one, please attach your suggestion here, or send it to Dan Polansky. When creating logotype, by no means do you need to include a butterfly; instead, try to come up with an item which you find fitting to FreeMind.

To find out about logotypes in general, see Logo entry at Wikipedia, see a gallery of professional logotypes, or search using Google.


Suggestion: Red font with butterfly

fmlogosm.JPG and its pdf version and the butterfly as Mac OS X Icon

Suggestion: Freemind-like Bubbles - color unimportant

bubbles.png One idea is to have the logo reflect the usage of FM. The colors and shadows and the like are unimportant. It's just that I have no skill, so I tossed in extra stuff to cover it up. - abg

Suggestions: Straight, modern font in matte and butterfly

well, sorry for quality of butterfly but I've taken it from the FreeMind icon :) Font used is actually Myriad Pro, but I think that Trebuchet or kind of Arial would do. More to come. -- Forseti

Suggestion: more has come :)

script font for freedom, sans for mind, butterfly from icon -- Forseti

Suggestions from Olda Kotas

OldaFreemind1.png OldaFreemind2.png OldaFreemind3.png OldaFreemind4.png

Suggestions from Jonathan


Suggestions from anjor

using freemind to create a logo (a butterfly in this case)

Suggestions from Andreas Kwiatkowski


Development version 1, featuring both the application's title and an icon attached to it.
For any comments and suggestions you may contact me via my website's contact form. Thank you!

Suggestion: from Ice Czar


custom typography, one off, hand drawn, thus not refined, weighted consistently ect. Would be happy to develop further and create .eps .gif .png ect along with color considerations, related icon ect. email sent seperately for contact info, since its not been optimized, to see it in a small scale back up :p

Suggestion: from crapitecture


icon: [4]

A variant of anjor's logo that beefs up the lines and adds some color to make it useable for an icon.

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