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this wiki page with download of version 0.9.0 is unavailable for unregistered users


download buttons disabled

I have commented out both download buttons. The one at the top lead nowhere, while the one for the beta version was the only other visual clue at the page, steering to much attention to the beta version. --Dan Polansky 23:09, 7 Oct 2007 (PDT)

latest beta version

Beta 0.9.0 20 seems to be out

seems to be 0.9.0 RC4 as of summer 2009. How about a link to the beta files section on SF and the user then can pick the latest one, thus not in need for updating this page all the time. --Alexander.stohr 10:28, 15 Aug 2009 (UTC)

Looks like RC6 is now out. Would be happy to update this page to reflect it, but the page is protected. Andybryant 12:09, 24 Nov 2009 (UTC)

Latest version

Latest version is now 0.9.0 RC4 of 2009-05-22 at

When a new one ?

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