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vym conversion XSLT doesn't work with xsltproc and Xalan-c?

On my OpenSuse 10.2 box, the vym->FreeMind stylesheet when run with xsltproc from, complains about the @url test:

XPath error : Invalid expression compilation error: file /tmp/vym2freemind.xslt line 23 element if xsl:if : could not compile test expression '@url != '

When trying the same with Xalan-c 1.10.0 (Xerces 2.7.0), I get:

XPathParserException: Expected a token but reached the end of the expression instead. expression = '@url != ' Remaining tokens are: ( '=') (/tmp/vym2freemind.xslt, line 23, column 27)

Which XSLT processor was the stylesheet designed to work with? --Akaihola 01:36, 31 May 2007 (PDT)

Wrong external URL for conversion

The URL for online conversion is wrong. It should be: instead of '.org' --Hc 12:16, 14 August 2007 (EST)

Importing: use XL not Word

Although some people may want to import from Word, the import from XL works so well that I think they should just copy the text into XL, arrange it in columns, and then import it. The import from XL (by copy and paste) works extremely well. It uses each column to drop another level in Freemind, which is perfect.

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