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Hello entusiast,

what do you mean by writing

BTW, the error message says:
"Ebbedded Mind Map Syntax error in :"

to the page Embedded Mind Maps

DimitriPolivaev 15:15, 4 Sep 2007 (PDT)

I had left there by mistake, it was suppose to go into the forum. That was the message I got when trying to use the wikimedia to post a mindmap from external place. What I was referring to was the error message was misspelled.

By the way, I sent a couple of corrections and questions so that I could coordinate my efforts in helping the projects. It seems I've been a bit ignored. Is this because of the corrections I'm referring to are not relevant? I think that saving a new map or getting an error when exporting are relevant. Or at least I could be told why they are not...

thanks emerson

EchoFloripa 12:15, 10 Sep 2007 (GMT)

Thank you for your reports, they are higly reliable and approciated. Because of the sharing of responsibilities in the project I can not answer to all of them, but I shall certainly track all of them.

Personally I am not happy with current situation when some good people feel being ignored. But I want to address this issue only after the release in order not to make things even more difficult now.

DimitriPolivaev 07:48, 10 Sep 2007 (PDT)

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