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What follows is a list of FreeMind accessories, provided by third parties.

Feel free to add your own accessory. When adding a new link to an accessory you are the author of, please consider releasing your accessory by "GNU GPL V2 or later at your option" license. When you do, the FreeMind team can consider delivering your accessory as part of FreeMind.


Format Direction Lang. Link Note
Tab-indented text Python Text-to-Freemind Also useful for automated conversions
ToDoList 2 XSLT Convertor N/A Java Delicious Mind N/A
Emacs Planner Perl Taskmm N/A
Emacs Org Mode elisp freemind.el Only export emacs => FreeMind
Vym XSLT Convertor N/A
Mantis bug tracker PHP Convertor N/A
Ganttproject XSLT Converter N/A
.c,.h,.s Perl Convertor N/A
LaTeX article & book Ruby Freemindtolatex N/A
LaTeX beamer presentation Perl Convertor N/A
LaTeX beamer presentation XSLT Convertor Includes build.xml for Ant to integrate pdflatex
Meeting notes Python mm2notes N/A
S5 Presentation Python mm2s5 N/A
Microsoft Project XSLT Conversor N/A
Java objects Java Converter See also Marshaller
Graphviz DOT-Format XSLT Converter Sorry, i've uploaded the document and then fixed a minor bug. PS: I've created an Import with XSLT Plugin to easily drop Import/Export plugins.
Topic Map (XTM) XSLT Converter PS: I've created an Import with XSLT Plugin to easily drop Import/Export plugins.
Mind Mapper XSLT Converter PS: I've created an Import with XSLT Plugin to easily drop Import/Export plugins.
SVN Repository XSLT Not yet stored anywhere... SVN repository as an "file-view"

See also


  • Dynamic mind maps from CMS: Sitemap, weblinks and feeds dynamically generated from content management system Joomla (Freemind Flashbrowser)
  • Freemind Win Collab : Share your mindmaps and built them in collaboration. This simple batch file autorise collaboration on freemind maps via a fileserver. If you can access the same disk with your collegues in your organisation, you can now work together on your mindmaps : this script avoid multiple edition at the same time (lock the file for you and tell the others that YOU edit it for the moment) and make backups each time you open a mindmap (like Work only on windows.
  • ZMSMindMaps: An Add-on to ZMS (Zope based Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) for viewing, exporting and importing of Mindmaps.
  • Below is a Unix sed command to remove the optional data from a MindMap .mm file's XML to make it more reader-friendly, keeping only the TEXT attribute. After converting a MindMap file with this command, you can open the generated XML file in Firefox and use its XML element collapsing features to interactively view MindMaps even without Freemind installed.
sed -e "s/ \(CREATED\|MODIFIED\|ID\|POSITION\|FOLDED\)=\"[0-9a-zA-Z_]*\"//g" > New.xml

For version 0.9, this command is better :

sed -e "s/ \(CREATED\|MODIFIED\|ID\|POSITION\|FOLDED\|COLOR\)=\"#\?[0-9a-zA-Z_]*\"//g" -e "s/<\(font\|hook\)[^>]\+\?>//g" > New.xml
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