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What follows is a list of FreeMind accessories, provided by third parties.

Feel free to add your own accessory. When adding a new link to an accessory you are the author of, please consider releasing your accessory by "GNU GPL V2 or later at your option" license. When you do, the FreeMind team can consider delivering your accessory as part of FreeMind.


Format Direction Lang. Link Note
BooguNote(.boo) C++&WTL BooguNote mm's editor in GTD way (start with version
semAuth XSLT semantic authoring. The doc at was generated with this script form a mm. (Licence: LGPL)
Tab-indented text Python Text-to-Freemind Also useful for automated conversions
ToDoList 2 XSLT Converter convert TDL to mm
ToDoList 2 XSLT Converter convert mm to TDL
Task Coach XSLT Converter convert mm to Task Coach Java Delicious Mind N/A
Emacs Planner Perl Taskmm N/A
Emacs Org Mode elisp freemind.el Only export emacs => FreeMind
Vym XSLT Convertor N/A
Mantis bug tracker PHP Converter & Browser Export list of mantis issues as Freemind map, includes Freemind flash browser to view list of issues as mindmap in the browser.
Ganttproject XSLT Converter N/A
.c,.h,.s Perl Convertor N/A
LaTeX article & book Ruby Freemindtolatex N/A
LaTeX beamer presentation Perl Convertor N/A
LaTeX beamer presentation XSLT Convertor Includes build.xml for Ant to integrate pdflatex
LaTeX beamer presentation Java Convertor Java rewrite for XSLT script, more features
Enhanced LaTeX beamer presentation XSLT Convertor Improves the previous convertor with notes and some richmedia features like images and a basic HTML style parsing. Now, a new XSLT filter can create Latex Reports.
Meeting notes Python mm2notes Converts meeting notes taken with freemind into easier to read HTML
S5 Presentation Python mm2s5 N/A
Microsoft Project XSLT Convertor Revised version added that will cater for dependencies (predecessors) and Durations (in hours, months or days as well as the MS Project format)
Microsoft Project Python mpp2mm Creates FreeMind map from MS Project (.mpp or .xml) files. Can add some attributes (eg. Task Duration) and flag completed Tasks
Java objects Java Converter See also Marshaller
Graphviz DOT-Format XSLT Converter Sorry, i've uploaded the document and then fixed a minor bug. PS: I've created an Import with XSLT Plugin to easily drop Import/Export plugins.
Topic Map (XTM) XSLT Converter PS: I've created an Import with XSLT Plugin to easily drop Import/Export plugins.
Mind Mapper XSLT Converter PS: I've created an Import with XSLT Plugin to easily drop Import/Export plugins.
Thunderdell  ? Python Thunderdell Bibliographic conversion (Licence: GPLv3)
FreeMind|GTD Online XSLT FreeMind|GTD Online extraction of GTD-style Next Actions from a mindmap
mm files python Converter Import/Export python codes into mm files.(Licence GPLv3).

See also


  • Browser-based collaboration with others I tried out mindmeister and imported a .mm file no problem. The collaboration works pretty dang well. You can also import/export as other digital printing formats.
  • Dynamic mind maps from CMS: Sitemap, weblinks and feeds dynamically generated from the content management system Joomla (Freemind Flashbrowser). A german article for this tool is here: [1].
  • YACS is a content management system with native support of Freemind. It embeds two Freemind players (Flash and Java), and any uploaded map can be browsed interactively. Also, YACS may build a Freemind map out of the content tree, or part of it. And it may even combine the two features, for example to layout complex content as a Freemind map.
  • Freemind Win Collab : Share your mindmaps and built them in large format digital printing collaboration. This simple batch file autorise collaboration on freemind maps via a fileserver. If you can access the same disk with your collegues in your organisation, you can now work together on your mindmaps : this script avoid multiple edition at the same time (lock the file for you and tell the others that YOU edit it for the moment) and make service truck bodies backups each time you open a mindmap (like Work only on windows.
  • ZMSMindMaps: An Add-on to ZMS (Zope based Content Management for Science, Technology and Medicine) for viewing, exporting and importing of Mindmaps.
  • Joom!FreeMind - Joomla! 1.5.x site structure: Visual self-generated Sitemap from Joomla 1.5.x content - a Joomla component displaying the site structure through a link from a menu, a menu item or a simple hyperlink placed inside the published articles (Joom!FreeMind v2.1.9). The extension generates an appealing visual mindmap observing your Joomla menus, categories and sections. Joom!FreeMind 2.1.9 kept the two different ways of rendering maps by either using the sections-categories structure or the published menus. It also brings the option of rendering maps through the alternative flash based viewer if you do not want to use the java applet on your site.Lisa Alloju
  • Mind Listening?: Enhance Freemind by recording audio while creating a mind fort worth web development map. While reviewing a mind map, highlighting a node instantly jumps the audio to the point when the node was created. Uses include meeting notes, brainstorming sessions, meeting clients, lecture notes and agile development.
  • Below is a Unix sed command to remove the optional data from a MindMap .mm file's XML to make it more reader-friendly, keeping only the TEXT attribute. After converting a MindMap file with this command, you can open the generated XML file in Firefox and use its XML element collapsing features to interactively view MindMaps even without Freemind installed.
    sed -e "s/ \(CREATED\|MODIFIED\|ID\|POSITION\|FOLDED\)=\"[0-9a-zA-Z_]*\"//g" > New.xml
    For version 0.9, this command drops more:
    sed -e "s/ \(CREATED\|MODIFIED\|ID\|POSITION\|FOLDED\|COLOR\)=\"#\?[0-9a-zA-Z_]*\"//g" -e "s/<\(font\|hook\)[^>]\+\?>//g" > New.xml
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