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FreeMind 0.9.0 features the option to assign user attributes to nodes. The user can assign multiple values to one name of attribute:

  • Node: Peter
    • Attribute: son: Alice
    • Attribute: son: Bob
    • Attribute: age: 50



  • View > Attributes > Show All Attributes
  • View > Attributes > Show Selected Attributes
  • View > Attributes > Hide All Attributes
  • Tools > Attribute Manager...
  • Tools > Assign Attributes...
  • Node poup menu > Edit Attributes


  • Alt + F9: Edit Attributes


Storage in XML

Storage in XML, an example:

<node TEXT="Hello">
<attribute VALUE="Node 1" NAME="name"/>
<attribute VALUE="100" NAME="width"/>

Storage of attribute registry in XML, an example:

<attribute_name NAME="name" RESTRICTED="true">
<attribute_value VALUE="Paul"/>
<attribute_value VALUE="Peter"/>


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