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FreeMind does not have an autosave function, but it has an automatic backup function.

FreeMind automatically backs up unsaved open mind maps to a dedicated folder. If FreeMind or the operating system crashes, the user can recover the last edited mind maps by manually copying the most recent backed up copies over the files that are missing the most recent changes. FreeMind deletes the backed up files upon its closing, as closing the application implies no crash has happened, but the user can set in preferences that FreeMind should not delete the backup files.

Settings (preferences) for automatic backups (the following paths are within the preferences dialog, accessible from Tools > Preferences menu):

  • Environment > Automatic Save > Time for Automatic Save (in milliseconds)
  • Environment > Automatic Save > Delete Automatic Saves at Exit
  • Environment > Automatic Save > Number of Different Files for Automatic Save
  • Environment > Automatic Save > Path to Automatic Saves


Per default, the automatic backups are stored in the FreeMind's home folder, which is usually the subfolder "freemind" of the user's home folder.

The default setting in the file:


In this setting, "freemind_home" stands for FreeMind home folder. It can be replaced with another path.

See also FreeMind home folder.

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