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CVS -- Concurrent Version System -- is a place where history of FreeMind source code is stored. It is also the place where the latest unreleased versions of FreeMind source code can be found.



Using CVS with Eclipse

To find out how to use CVS in Eclipse development environment for Java, see Using CVS from within Eclipse guide by Bob Alexander and CVS_Eclipse .

Some parts follow.


  • Host:
  • Repository path: /cvsroot/freemind
  • User: anonymous
  • Password: empty
  • Connection type: pserver
  • Use default port: (*)

Using CVS in Windows with TortoiseCVS

In Windows, you can work with CVS using TortoiseCVSDownload (6- MB). TortoiseCVS adds new menu items to the Explorer interface, presenting CVS as a folder in the file system, which you can browse like you would any other folder.

The latest CVS branch

  • The latest integration branch: fm_060405_integration.
  • The tag of the last stable release: FM-0-8-0.
  • The tag of the last unstable release: fm_0_9_0_rc1. (Last update: 11.2.2009. This piece of information gets out of date easily.)

To find all the tags available, see the offer in the Sticky Tag field at the top part of the screen when browsing CVS repository.

Gotchas when checking files into CVS

Please keep in mind the following when checking in new files into CVS.

  • Changing the names of folders and files in CVS is difficult.
  • Removing files completely is difficult.

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