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Using CVS with Eclipse

In Addition to Using CVS from within Eclipse guide by Bob Alexander, this side provides some up-to-date data. Namely, the host has changed from to .


You may be in need of a tunnel, if the following doesnot work: @localhost $ telnet 2401 A prerequisite is that you have ssh-access to a machine whith a free internet access. This machine is "good", if the above mentioned 'telnet' works on it. And this is what you have to do to build the tunnel:

@localhost $ ssh -A -N -L you@machine_with_free_internet_acess &

Then, on your localhost, the telnet above should work. Then you can checkout freemind:

@localhost $ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@localhost:/cvsroot/freemind checkout freemind 

Eclipse with SSH-Tunnel

Eclipse-Configuration: Under 'CVS-Repositories' (look here for details) :

Use a custom label:
Connection type:
<leave blank>
Repository path:
Use default port:
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