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Contributing to FreeMind is possible in various ways. It includes development of new features, fixing of reported bugs and sending patches to a patch tracker, testing FreeMind and reporting the found bugs in the bug tracker, translating FreeMind's user interface, answering users questions in the Help forum, and releasing FreeMind screenshots in Wikimedia Commons.

Developing new features is useful above all when FreeMind is not in feature freeze. Currently, FreeMind is in feature freeze. However, some new features can be developed in plugins, independently of the main FreeMind release cycle. See also Development.

Fixing reported bugs and sending patches to a bug tracker is very helpful in speeding up development of FreeMind, and bringing nearer the final release, currently 0.9.0. Bugs that should better be fixed before the final release are listed in the mailing list[1] and tracked in a bug tracker.

Translating user interface is described in "Translation". Many languages already have a dedicated translator.

Helping users with their questions is possible in Help forum.

Releasing screenshots in Wikimedia Commons helps to demonstrate a broader set of uses to prospective FreeMind users. If you have a nice screenshot of FreeMind, please help by releasing it under an open-content licence in Wikimedia Commons.

See also

  • Building – building FreeMind executable from source code
  • CVS – browsing FreeMind source code in a concurrent version system online
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