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Sometimes users find that they cannot open a mind map because it is corrupted. A corrupted mind map can be a result of varied causes, not necessarily caused by a bug in FreeMind.

Methods of recovery:

  1. Find an automatically saved backup version. Such a version you can find in the "<home folder>/.freemind/Map Backup" folder.
  2. Correct the corrupted XML manually, by opening a mind map in a plain-text editor such as Notepad, and checking for non-matched opening "<" characters.

Possible error message:

  • Error while parsing file:freemind.main.XMLParseException: XML Parse Exception during parsing of a map element at line *: Unexpected end of data reached


  • FreeMind is unable to automatically correct a corrupted XML, and notify the user of the corruption while showing as much as possible of the corrupt mind map.

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