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Application help as mind map

FreeMind comes with the documentation in the form of mind map, available from application menu Help > Documentation. The documentation is a succint description of FreeMind functions, rather than a mind mapping text book. You can also browse the documentation now in a Java applet browser (with around 700 KB that requires Java 1.4.2 or later) which gives you a proper FreeMind feeling. And you can try a much smaller flash based FreeMind map viewer.

Application help as HTML help

Help similar to the one delivered as a mind map is available in a form similar to Windows help, to be found in application menu Help > Help.

PDF documentation

PDF documentation, nice to print and much more professional looking than the application help, has been written by Shailaja Kumar. It features illustrations, hand-holding detailed instructions, and index.


This wiki serves as documentation as well, above all with Asked Questions page. All the documentation pages for FreeMind users are listed under Documentation category. To see the content of the category, click down below at this page into the Categories box.

Web on mind mapping

To find out about mind mapping, consider searching the web, or buying yourself a book on mind mapping. Some links follow.


Printed books



There is a German book dedicated specifically to FreeMind.

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Mindmapping mit FreeMind
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