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Download and install

Step-by-step overview

  1. Install Java Runtime if you do not have it.
  2. Choose FreeMind installation file by operating system.
  3. Download the chosen installation file.
  4. Install FreeMind.


Before downloading and installing FreeMind, install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) having from 15 MB to 20 MB depending on your operating system, in version at least 1.4.0 (but notice, that version 0.8.0 of FreeMind doesn't work properly with Java 6.0!). Or download and install Java Runtime Environment for Mac OS X having 41 MB.

Afterwards, choose among the following binaries of the current FreeMind 0.8.0, depending on your operating system:

You can also download older versions, see all files for download.

Maximum and minimum versions

Above, FreeMind is available in two versions -- maximum and minimum. Minimum version is considerably smaller to download, having around 3 MB instead of 8 MB. Maximum version contains additional plugins, downloadable also from Files section. The plugins feature exporting to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), exporting to Portable Document Format (PDF), reminders that can be attached to nodes, and help for FreeMind reminiscent of help usually delivered with Microsoft Windows applications.
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