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The user can search the complete mind map using the find function. The searching is limited to the branch whose root node was selected when the find function was chosen. The searching is a breadth-first search. There is a find next function.

In FreeMind 0.9.0, when the user enters multiple words, they are taken as a single phrase only if entered in quotation marks; otherwise, the search string is split into single words, and a node is considered matching the term if all words are found in the node. This is roughly how search engines such as Google work.

  • To search for all the words: seach term
  • To search for all the exact phrase: "search term"



  • Edit > Find...
  • Edit > Find Next
  • Edit > Find and Replace


  • Control + F: Find
  • Control + G: Find Next
  • Control + Shift + F: Find and Replace


  • FindAction


Multiple mind maps

There is not built-in way to search in multiple mind maps. However, there is a standalone tool for searching through multiple mind maps:


There is no way to search in notes, AFAIK.

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