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WOW Features

  • Clones: nodes and its sub-nodes can be cloned. The two copies will then be synchronized
  • Collaboration: two or more people can work simultaneously on the same map
  • Restore complete session


  • Create clone creates a clone of the currently selected node as the direct sibling.
  • Both source and destination nodes get a (CLONE) symbol (you can disable this in the file, do you need this?)
  • Move this sibling to its place.
  • Every change to the source or the destination node will be synchronized on the other one.
  • This should work after saving and loading later on, too.
  • Several actions are not possible for clones:
    • You can't move one of the clones inside the other
    • Imagine some more as an exercise
  • To disable a clone, move to the source node and choose "Clone node" again (The UI must be tweaked, IMHO)


  • Multiple Clones belong to all the same original node
  • If this original node is removed, the cloning is switched off
  • The original must be identifiable
  • If the original is cut, then some of the clones is changed and the original is pasted again, an error occurs(?)


  • You can share a net in your network.
  • To do this, you need to specify a port and a password.
  • Others that reach your host and the port can connect with the password.
  • They will get exactly the same map as a local copy.
  • Each change from any participants is distributed among all participants.
  • To end the collaboration, just choose "Share map" again. Then, some seconds later, all clients see, that the collaboration has ended.
  • The title of the window shows the hostname, port and the participants of the collaboration.
  • The change of participants may need 10 seconds to become visible.
  • Each second, each participant tries to get the changes done by others (polling).

Restore session

  • FreeMind loads each map opened in the last session,
  • restores the zoom and
  • the last selected nodes.
  • This feature can be switched off in the preferences.

Other features

Moreover it contains a feature from Eclipse:

  • Jump to the last edit locations (control-q):
    • If you press Control-Q, you'll get to the node ultimately changed.
    • Pressing Control-Q again moves to the last but second and so on.
    • Ten places are stored.
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