FreeMind 1.1.0: The New Features

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Big New features

  • new feature: HiDPI support (for windows and linux, mac was already there)
    • Look into the properties under Appearance -> Scale.
  • New method to create graphical and local links: copy nodes and then paste them as graphical or local links.
  • Paste of structured (HTML) data recognizes the structure and reconstructs it as hierarchical nodes.
  • Format dialog has example nodes that demonstrate the changes.

Smaller Features

  • New feature: font color combo box
  • Re-developed lots of the attribute functionality.
  • Search dialog on geographical maps accepts coordinates in the form "lat lon" or "lat lon;lat2 lon2;..."
  • A reverse lookup is then performed unless you set do_reverse_lookup_on_lat_lon_search to false.
  • New search&replace dialog shows tooltips of the node and note text.
  • Enhanced the calendar widget to show 12 month at once.
  • New feature: standalone map server created.
  • new feature: icon toolbar can have multiple columns (see properties->appearance).
  • New feature: on save, thumbnails are created and displayed as tooltip on mindmap links to other mm-files
  • Added node statistics to the status bar (inclusive sums of node contents).
  • New Export as html page with a single clickable image containing only the links (URLs) or the map.
  • Clones can be deactivated by menu
  • Strikethrough
  • Sorting in both directions by repeating the command
  • Markings in calendars
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