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Getting started as a developer

Contributing to FreeMind as a developer

A new developer starts in two stages.

  1. Patches. At firsts, she sends her contributions as patches into Patches tracker.
  2. CVS. Later, after she has shown some volume of contribution, she gets access to CVS repository.

Detail: If you are considering becoming a new developer, please proceed as follows.

  1. Create a user account at SourceForge.
  2. Discuss your contribution (the change, feature, bug fix, documentation or test plan) in our open discussion forum.
  3. If the topic is accepted, start to change the up-to-date code that you have downloaded from CVS. Beware of using the right CVS branch:
    • Check the CVS article for the latest tag.
    • Latest development branch: "fm_060405_integration".
    • Latest tag: "fm_0_9_0_rc1"; see also CVS.
  4. If, during implementing the feature, you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the "Open Discussion" forum. It is read by the other developers who possible can help you.
  5. Post your contribution in the patch section of SourceForge or send it by email to the current project manager. We do not respond immediately, as FreeMind team consists of volunteers.
  6. After having successfully developed and integrated some items, you get access to FreeMind's CVS repository at SourceForge.

Getting the latest beta version of FreeMind from CVS

A beta version you can get from the CVS, searching there for the latest branch, or the branch of your choice. Please note that beta versions are unstable and may contain serious bugs. Please, use beta versions only if:

  1. you urgently need a feature included in the version, and you are willing to backup your work often, or
  2. you want to give FreeMind developers feedback on the beta versions, which is highly appreciated.

To get a beta version from CVS, see the guides at CVS section.

Compiling last stable version of FreeMind

See Building.

Working with CVS

See CVS.

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