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Closing feature requests and bugs

For each release being developed, we create two groups: one "FreeMind X.Y.Z" and one "FreeMind X.Y.Z - Fixed in CVS". We then use the groups in the following manner:

for sake of simplicity, we assume X.Y.Z is the version being currently developed, and A.B.C an older version of FreeMind.

1. items with no or with older group like "FreeMind A.B.C" can be checked by helpers with sufficient rights, and closed if issue doesn't appear anymore in the latest beta/RC of X.Y.Z, else group is changed to the current version "FreeMind X.Y.Z".

2. items with current version group "FreeMind X.Y.Z" can be fixed by a developer, then moved into group "FreeMind X.Y.Z - Fixed in CVS".

3. testers check items with group "FreeMind X.Y.Z - Fixed in CVS", and close if OK (after next release), else setup back to group "FreeMind X.Y.Z".

-- Eric L. 12:19, 26 Oct 2007 (PDT)


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