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| [http://freemind.cvs.sourceforge.net/freemind/freemind/freemind/main/FreeMind.java FreeMind]
| [http://freemind.cvs.sourceforge.net/freemind/freemind/freemind/main/FreeMind.java FreeMind]
| openDocument
| openDocument
| [http://freemind.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/freemind/freemind/freemind/modes/ControllerAdapter.java ControllerAdapter]
| loadURL

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FreeMind supports having one hyperlink per node, linking to web pages, mail addresses, and to local files.



Making hyperlinks work fine on all the supported platforms including Microsoft Windows, Max OS X and Linux is technically tricky, requiring dedicated code for each group of platforms.

Class Method Description
FreeMind openDocument
ControllerAdapter loadURL
Tools urlGetFile A heuristic workaround.
Tools fileToUrl Converts a file to URL, working around Java issues.


Type Case Example Path Note
Local file Unix path "/folder/some more/file"
Local file Windows drive path "C:\Users\User Joe\file"
Local file Windows network path "\\hostname\folder\file" Following is broken in 0.9.0 beta 18.

Browser commands

The various default browser commands per operating system: Source: freemind.properties.

  • default_browser_command_windows_nt = cmd.exe /c start "" "{0}"
  • default_browser_command_windows_9x = command.com /c start "{0}"
  • default_browser_command_mac = open {0}
  • default_browser_command_other_os = xdg-open {0}


Users are requesting that FreeMind supports various protocols that are currently unsupported. These include the following:

  • "onenote://"[1] -- for Microsoft OneNote
  • "mid://"[2] -- for messages
  • "notes://"[3] -- for Lotus Notes
  • "svn://"[4]
  • "outlook://"[5]

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