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User icons

In FreeMind 0.9.0 beta, you can add your own icons to your minds maps, alongside the standard set of icons delivered with FreeMind, such as the priority icons or the flower icon. To do that, add PNG files of your icons to the folder <user_home>/.freemind/icons. FreeMind treats all *.png files in <user_home>/.freemind/icons as user icons, offering them in the list of available icons.

The size of icons can be arbitrary, not limited to 16 x 16 pixels.

If you send a mind map with your custom icons to another person, the person won't be able to see the icons, though, as the icon files are only stored at your local computer. To see the same icons as you do, the receiver of your mind map has to copy your icon files to his local folder with user icons.

Icons in the code


Sources of free icons

FreeMind uses (a) tool icons used in the toolbars, and (b) icons used in nodes. Especially for the icons used in nodes, a good comprehensive source of free icons is needed. FreeMind uses PNG icons, in the size of 16 x 16. Nowadays many icons are drawn in SVG vector format first, and converted to 16 x 16 bitmap images afterwards.

Ideally, it would not be the task of FreeMind team to draw icons; this task should be outsourced instead. Whether this is a realistic assumption remains to be seen.

Sources of free icons:

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