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FreeMind has no editor of raster images. FreeMind could come with a simple Java component for editing raster images such as PNG and JPEG ones, no matter whether they are linked or embedded. While images can be linked to and so displayed in FreeMind, there is no way of embedding raster images in FreeMind. Embedding of raster images is likely to be added in future.

Editing raster images from FreeMind by calling external editors such as GIMP has some drawbacks. Above all, calling GIMP presupposes that the user installs GIMP separately, while a Java editing component comes seemlessly integrated and installed as part of FreeMind, much like the HTML editor SimplyHTML. Furthermore, GIMP in particular has a slow start, even though other external editors could perform better. Also, calling an external editor such as GIMP seems to require storing intermediate image files, a need that could be avoided if FreeMind would pass the images directly to the editor component without the use of files.

Some Java Swing editors of raster images:

  • JDraw
    • GNU GPL V2[1]; there is no evidence of "V2+", meaning "or later at your option"
    • SF
    • size: less than 1 MB
    • last release: 2006-05-03
    • integration as a component untested
  • Pixelitor
    • GNU GPL V3
    • size: 1 MB
    • last release: 2010-07-14
    • integration as a component untested


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