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Types of shortcuts

  • Mnemonics: Alt + the mnemonic letter visible in the menu. Also accessible by pressing F10 first. (Windows)
  • Shortcuts like Control + C

Method of choosing shortcuts

  • Stick to existing conventions, like IBM Common User Access, meaning use Control + C for copying and the like.
  • Modifier key:
    • Use Control + letter where available.
    • Avoid Alt.
      • It is used for mnemonics.
    • Use Control + Alt.
      • Accessible using one modifier key: AltGr.
      • Used in Eclipse.

More shortcuts for one function

Currently, each function has at most one key assigned. But, it should be the other way around; the keys should have functions assigned, rather than functions key. For instance, it would be valuable to have both insert and tab assigned to new node function. (Actually on MS Windows it is right now not possible at all to bind anything to tab.)

Current keyboard shortcuts



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