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The discussion of the designs is over. We are probably going to use the butterfly design. Detail follows.

  • FreeMind team is not going to use the light bulb design, because of its licensing issues; we do not have the right to modify and even scale up the light bulb design and its author does not want to give us the right, or even to provide scalable vector graphics of the design.
  • FreeMind team is probably going to use some, possibly modified, version of the butterfly design.

Dear FreeMind users,

we are planning to switch to a new logotype graphics in the coming release, from the existing butterfly design to a new one featuring light bulb on a turquoise background. Before committing ourselves to the new design, we would like to know your opinion on the new design. Please let us know how you like the new design and whether you would be severely disappointed if this new design is the one released in the coming version. To let us know, please write to the discussion page or the following forum thread.

Light Bulb and Butterfly.png

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