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One requested feature is that FreeMind supports typesetting of mathematical formulas, perhaps in LaTeX.

FreeMind 0.9.0 beta14 is delivered with a plugin of mathematical formulas, based on HotEqn component.

Some users use their private extension that renders a tag < latex > when inside a node, using dvipng tool.[1]



All the considered components for rendering math should have GNU GPL V2+ license, or at least a compatible open-source license.



Format Verbosity Note
LaTeX Low Only a subset can be realistically supported.
Used by Wikipedia encyclopedia, and Mediawiki wiki engine.
Scientists around the world already know parts of it by heart.
MathML High Is an XML vocabulary.
Is tedious to edit in the plain text form.


The following components are capable of rendering mathematical formulas.

Name Lang. License Format Viewing WYSIWYG Editing Smooth Fonts Inline Math URL Note
HotEqn Java GPL Subset of LaTeX Yes No No No [2]
  • Has been chosen by Dimitry in the plugin of FreeMind 0.9.0 beta 15.
  • Source code for download: [3]
ShowMath Java ? Subset of LaTeX [4]
Jex Java GPL V2 Subset of LaTeX, MathML, Mathtype [5]
Jmath Java  ?  ? [6]
TeX & Dvipng C Dvipng: GPL V2+ LaTeX Yes No Yes Yes [7][8]
  • Requires installation of LaTeX, which is difficult to install.
JMathTeX Java GPL V2+; Apache style Subset of LaTeX Yes No Yes Yes [9][10]
  • Latest release: 0.7pre on 2007-05-02.
  • Renders LaTeX (or TeX?) into Java class Image and thus also into PNG.
  • Depends on JDOM, which has an Apache-style license. JMathTeX itself has GNU GPL V2+.
JLaTeXMath Java GPL V2+ Subset of LaTeX [11][12]
  • Latest release: 0.9.1 on 2010-03-12.
  • A non-official freemind 0.9.0 plugin is available at LaTeXMath Freemind Plugin.
  • A fork of JMathTeX.
Mirai Math Java GPL V2+ Subset of LaTeX Yes Yes Yes Yes [13]
  • WYSIWYG math field/workbook editor.
  • Is a graphical frontend for GNU Octave.

Inline math means that the math can be placed inside the text of FreeMind's long lode or even of note. Such a feature is enabled by any engine, Java or non-Java, that renders the math into PNG.


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