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Since FreeMind 0.8.0, nodes are equipped with identifiers that serve as targets of intramap links, targets of arrow links (AKA connectors), and further purposes.

The format of the identifier: "Freemind_Link_<number>". Is this format guaranteed?

Functions of node identifiers:

  • Target of arrow links (AKA connectors)
  • Target of intramap links, that is, links from one node to another node of the same mind map
  • TODO: Complete


  • NodeAdapter.getObjectId
  • ControllerAdapter.getNodeID
  • MindMapMapModel.getLinkRegistry
  • MindMapLinkRegistry.*
  • LinkRegistryAdapter.* (CVS)
 public String getObjectId(ModeController controller) {
   return controller.getNodeID(this);
 public String getNodeID(MindMapNode selected) {
   return getMap().getLinkRegistry().getLabel(selected);
 public MindMapLinkRegistry getLinkRegistry() {
   return linkRegistry;

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