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The notes feature allows the user to attach notes to nodes. Notes are editable in a separate pane placed at the bottom of the main window. In FreeMind 0.9.0, the notes are formatted using rich text, and the option of having plain text notes is not there. In FreeMind 0.8.0, notes are plain text ones.

Despite typographic similarity, notes should not be confused with nodes, regardless whether short nodes or long nodes.

Printing notes can be done by exporting the mind map into a clickable web page with a raster image, and printing the result from the web browser. The exporting function is in the menu File > Export > As HTML (Clickable map image version). Unfortunately, other functions for export to HTML do not export notes. Another option for printing notes is to export the mind map into an open-document-format file, using the menu File > Export > As Open Office Writer Document; this has been tested in FreeMind 0.9.0.



  • View > Note Window (FreeMind 0.9.0)
  • Tools > Remove Notes (FreeMind 0.9.0)


  • Control + Shift + Less : View Note Window


  • Notes are implemented as an internal plugin.


  • Searching: There is no way to search through notes; see also Find.
  • Export to HTML: The notes are not exported to HTML with some export functions; see also HTML export.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: The keyboard shortcut for "View Note Window" does not work on an English keyboard; it works on a German one.
  • Note font: The default font of the notes differs from the default font of nodes, both in font family and font size. The user settings of the default font for nodes do not affect notes; there is no dedicated setting for the font family and font size of notes. Correct me if I'm wrong.[1]
  • Location: The note pane, meaning the little non-popping window showing the note, can be located only at the bottom, not at the right.
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