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Some "Gotchas"

  • You need to be using the FreeMind "Max" version to be able to access the plugins (it's great, by the way!).
  • Also, there is a bug (in FreeMind v.0.80.0) that means that plugins are not operative if you start FreeMind by clicking on a .mm file that is not in the same folder as FreeMind. See Known Bugs & Workarounds

Time Management Plugin

The time management plugin enables you to select dates from a calendar, add these dates to the selected nodes and to add reminders. A reminder is a date that is stored with the node it is attached to. Periodically, FreeMind checks if the date/time is already reached and inform you using blinking icons.

Export to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Plugin

This plugin adds a menu item Export -> As SVG.

SVG Specification

Help Plugin

This plugin adds a menu item Help -> Help. Clicking it brings up a Help system - reminiscent of help usually delivered with Microsoft Windows applications.

Export to Portable Document Format (PDF) Plugin

This plugin adds a menu item Export -> As PDF.


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