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Release 0.5.0 is a follow-up on release 0.4.0, released on 2002-08-24.

New features

Some of the new features and enhancements of FreeMind 0.5.0:

  • Multiline nodes (previously, only single-line nodes were possible)
  • Hyperlinks to web pages and to any local file (previously, only hyperlinks to mind map files were possible)
  • Find (new action)
  • Selection of a node on mouseover (previously, the user had to click)
  • Clicking while holding shift selects a region of nodes
  • Right click on the background shows the list of opened mind maps
  • Drag and drop, with move, copy, and copy formatting, depending on which mouse key is held; dropping as a child or a sibling
  • Dragging the background of the mind map moves it around (panning)
  • Copy function (Control + C) added; Cut function was already there
  • Copy function puts plain text and RTF on the clipboard, apart from a mind map
  • Pasting plain text pastes as a tree based on the number of leading spaces
  • Export to HTML (new action)
  • Increased performance on loading a mind map, 3-4 times
  • Executable "Freemind.exe" for launching FreeMind in Windows: no DOS shell window when running FreeMind
  • Remembering the last open mind map and opening it on startup
  • The keyboard shortcuts were changed to suit Windows style: Control + C instead of Alt + C
  • Import Explorer bookmarks (new action)
  • Import folder structure (new action)

Previous release: Release 0.4.0

Next release: Release 0.6.0

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