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Release 0.6.0 is a follow-up on release 0.5.0, released on 2003-02-01.

New features

Some of the new features and enhancements of FreeMind 0.6.0, absent in FreeMind 0.5.0:

  • Allowing newlines in long nodes
  • Find Next - Control + G (new action)
  • Hiding of toolbar (new action)
  • The look-and-feel "windows" works in Windows (it did not)
  • Default look and feel changed from "metal" to "windows"
  • New butterfly icon for FreeMind, appearing in the window frame of FreeMind, and in "Freemind.exe" launcher
  • Antialiasing option: only antialias edges or antialias both edges and fonts; default: only edges.
  • Increased performance of all operations occurring deep inside the tree - folding, pasting, editing, leads to savings in memory consumption
  • Pasting and dropping of file lists into FreeMind, after files were selected outside of FreeMind, such as in Windows file explorer
  • Splitting of long nodes (new action)
  • Add keyboard support to patterns AKA physical styles
  • Zoom made functional (previously it was there but broken)
  • Overhaul Export to HTML
  • In Export to HTML, add option: no folding / folding current / folding all.
  • File mode made functional
  • Blend color - function that blends the background color with the node color, as if the node was semitransparent (new action)
  • Copy Single (new action)

Previous release: Release 0.5.0

Next release: Release 0.6.1

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