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Release 0.6.5 is a follow-up release on release 0.6.1, released on 2003-09-04.

New features

Some of the new features and enhancements of FreeMind 0.6.5:

  • Remembering vertical position of the cursor in a branch: Moving with keyboard arrows around remembers where you have been the last time when entering a branch
  • New Node as Sibling (new action)
  • Keyboard: Insert inserts new nodes
  • Keyboard: Space makes toggle folded
  • Clicking on a leaf node leads to editing
  • Home and End keys lead to editing
  • Typing enters editing a node and replaces the current text (can be disabled using an option)
  • Pressing backspace enters editing a node and replaces the current text
  • Escape does not ask about discarding the changes when editing
  • Cursor move opens the folds when made in the folded direction
  • File locking: prevention of two users editing the same mind map and overwriting each other's changes
  • Printing: printing to several sheets of paper, creating one large mind map from them
  • Export to HTML: New option - based on headings.
  • Showing a cross cursor when dragging the background of the mind map
  • Remembering the size of the window between two sessions

Previous release: Release 0.6.1

Next release Release 0.6.7.

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