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FreeMind 0.9.0 beta series has a scripting facility using Groovy.

To find out about it, see FreeMind 0.9.0: The New Features.



  • Tools > Script Editor


  • Alt + F8: run a script


New scripts can be created using the script editor. Alternatively, you can plainly create an attribute whose name starts with "script" such as "script2"; such an attribute is understood by FreeMind to be a script.


Scripts are stored in an attribute whose name reads "script" followed with a numeral, meaning in the attribute of the attribute function, not in the attribute of XML.

The script attributes are probably distinguished from non-script attributes by their starting with "script".

An example of storage in XML:

<node TEXT="hello">
<attribute NAME="script1" VALUE="=node.getNodeLevel() + &quot; &quot; + node.getText()"/>

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