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An "equation" accessory might be useful - two uses spring to mind:

1) Costings:

If the nodes were all the items required for some project, a cost could be attached to each and the sum of all the values in the child nodes shown in the parent.

Special escapes could be used in the node text:

"parent node $[SUM]"

--"child node1 text $[32.7]"

--"child node2 text $[12.7]"

when the parent node is not being edited it should display:

"parent node 45.4"

2) Decision making:

assign a value, +ve or -ve to various factors that might influence some decision, with the root showing tha balance.

e.g should I move house?


--"mail redirection hassle $[-0.3]"

--"more space $[+4]"

--"tax $[-5]"

--"current annoying neighbours [+10]"



I'm sure I saw some discussion of how to somehow tie freemind in to a spreadsheet somewhere but I can't find any reference to it.

Any thoughts?

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