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FreeMind is great! I have a great idea for a similar program only with a different feature set. What I want to know more about is how you start an open source software project. I have an idea and a beginning of a design, but how do I get more people involved?

Thanks in advance for any help / inspiration / tips.


wrong command in 'apt-get install' section?

for me the given command for installing freemind by using apt-get didn't work:

apt-get install freemind/experimental freemind-plugins-svg/experimental freemind-plugins-time/experimental freemind-plugins-time/experimental

i found out i had to delete the /experimental, then:

apt-get install freemind freemind-plugins-svg freemind-plugins-time freemind-plugins-time

worked fine

guess you should leave the /experimental in the sources.list away if you want to have the originall command working?

am i right or am i wrong? not sure whether i did the whole stuff an other way or the wiki put the wrong command so i didn't change it...


(K)Ubuntu Instructions work on Ubuntu Edgy . . . I think ... confirmed

The instructions and link to the blog post (and its attendant comments) helped me manage to make FreeMind work on Ubuntu 6.10 (EdgyEft). I can't quite remember the combination of procedures, but it works for me now. Highlights:

  1. I did install the j2re1.4 package (blackdown java)
  2. I didn't have to edit any files (but I am configured to use the the multiverse & universe repos already).
  3. I downloaded the .deb on the FreeMind website and installed it.
  4. I used apt-get -f install to fix broken dependencies.

Then, it Just Worked.

--Tex 10:02, 29 Dec 2006 (PST)

Thanks to the tip 'apt-get -f install' it worked for me as well - with first try. I wrote how in the article under 'confirmed more easy install within Kubuntu 6.10'. Thanks, Tex!

--Patmuk 17:24, 29 Jan 2007 (PST)

I'm happy that it works for you, but you're actually first breaking your system by installing FreeMind without taking care of the dependencies, and then repairing it using apt-get -f install. The correct way to do it is really to add the FreeMind repositories to your sources and then install freemind using apt-get install freemind.

Furthermore your instructions might let other, not having multiverse and universe setup, think that it's easier than it actually is. For these reasons, I allow myself to update your notes. Hope this is OK.

--Ewl 05:03, 25 Mar 2007 (PDT)

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