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Each node gets two timestamps: one for the moment of creation and one for the moment of the last change.

Timestamps are invisible to users by default, merely being stored into the mind map file. To make the timestamps shown in the tooltip of a node, the user can enable the option in the menu Tools > Show Modification Times.

Timestamps were introduced in FreeMind 0.8.0.


  • Tools > Show Modification Times


Classes and methods that implement timestamps:

  • accessories.plugins.CreationModificationPlugin[1]
  • MinMapNode.getHistoryInformation()
  • freemind.modes.HistoryInformation[2]

Storage in XML

Storage of timestamps in XML: in the attributes "CREATED" and "MODIFIED":

<node CREATED="1252659099149" ID="ID_989353638" MODIFIED="1252659099149" TEXT="New Mindmap">

The number stored in the timestamp is the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT.

The number stored in the timestamp is obtained by calling "new Date().getTime()"[3].

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