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I have used MindManager for a long time, until I found FreeMind.

  • FreeMind's file format is open, it is a standard XML, though lack of encoding method definition.
  • FreeMind is Open Source, even though I havn't much experience with Java programming.
  • FreeMind's .mm file can be managed by version control system, though some attributes not suitable for that.
(e.g., 'FOLDED' attribute saved in .mm file, makes documents changed frequently and unnecessarily.)

FreeMind + DocBook + CVS/SVN make me think and write more efficiently.

My Interest


I use FreeMind to record everything, and can not live without it. Every day, I update my freemind maps, and check in it back to my personal subversion server.

I also patched freemind to fit my needs: better chinese support, subversion friendly, and others.

Patches for FreeMind

CVS/SVN friendly .mm file format

Some attributes of FreeMind's .mm file are not suitable for version control.

e.g., 'FOLDED' attribute saved in .mm file, makes documents changed frequently and unnecessarily.

The patch I wrote is split into two seperate files. Why split into two? the latter is not stable, and needs your help.

See also: 1465921 : Split .mm file for better CVS/SVN version control

Save some attributes out of .mm file


Load .mm file with .mmx file


Utf-8 aware, and not encode Chinese characters

FreeMind is not utf-8 aware. What I mean is that at least FreeMind 0.8.0 doesn't like a "XML declare" in .mm file. (such as <?xml encoding="utf-8"?>

For our Chinese, &#x...; encoded Chinese characters are meaningless for us. So I wrote this patch for FreeMind 0.8.0.


See also: 1465924 : Utf-8 aware, and better Chinese characters

See also


Subversion is not only the daily tools I used, but also what my career forcus on.

I do software development consultant. Below is my consultant video on my effert to initialize a open source project:

* Agile python/pylons development step by step: pySvnManager


I have tried several wiki: UseMod, MediaWiki, PmWiki, MoinMoin.

MoinMoin is not the good looking from outside appearance, but is the excellent internal when reading it's code.

After I have transport all my patches for MediaWiki to MoinMoin at 2006, MoinMoin is the main consultant wiki of my company. Now I also do MoinMoin consultant.


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