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There is a Microsoft Windows launcher for FreeMind, written in C.



This launcher provides the following.

Feature Detail
Icon Has an icon.
Droping a file When a file is dragged and dropped over the launcher, it is passed to Java application as a parameter.
Argument passing When the launcher is run from a DOS console and given multiple arguments, all are passed to the Java application.
Changing to directory The launcher has to reside in a directory relative to the application directory. However, it can be run from any other directory. Therefore, if you assign the launcher to a file type, the application is run correctly with the file passed as an argument.


This launcher for Microsoft Windows was compiled using Dev-C++. To download Dev-C++, go to project page at SourceForge. To recompile it, open the project with Dev-C++, and compile the project.

The underlying compiler of Dev-C++ was MinGW.


Things to watch

  1. FreeMind.ico must be a real icon, not an icon created by changing the extension of a file from bmp to ico.
  2. Icon1.rc is the file telling where the icons is stored. It is a resource file. This resource file is compiled into Icon1.o (object file), which is then linked with freemind.o to create Freemind.exe


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