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Who writes about FreeMind on the web


  • Freemind, 31 July 2004,, French blog entry
  • FreeMind mind mapper, 22 August 2003,, "Sometimes, I come across software I don't want to miss even after the shortest test drive."
  • Freemind, 19 June 2007,







  • According to Mark Twain, "Never pick a fight with a man who buys his ink by the barrel." Did you use FreeMind to make your thinking difficult to attack by writing your thoughts down, and reviewing them and criticizing later?
  • According to some philosophers, all phenomena are manifestations of one thing only. But perhaps it is the other way around: all things have only one manifestation: FreeMind.
  • We help you think clearly. FreeMind.
  • We help you get articulated. FreeMind.
  • Brain washing for the hard of thinking. FreeMind.
  • Mind your steps. Freemind.
  • FreeMind - when no one will think for you.
  • FreeMind - just as you thought.
  • FreeMind - Does exactly what it says in your Brain.
  • FreeMind - When you absolutely must THINK.
  • FreeMind - Think before you thunk.
  • FreeMind - Thoughtless Software.
  • Freemind - Don't think without it.
  • Freemind - Thoughtful.
  • Think free - FreeMind.
  • Free Mind: Thoughts without Boundaries
  • Freemind - Software that sets your mind free
  • Freemind - Software to set your mind free
  • Freemind - Enter a world of possibilities

FreeMind competition and relatives

The main alternatives to FreeMind are discussed at the main page. Some of these and others are further discussed here.

See also: A very complete collection of mind mapping software avaliable.

  • 3D Topicscape. A 3D mind mapping software.
  • Microsoft OneNote. Well, that does not compete. It is surely more powerful in many areas, but essentialy weaker in the core area of organizing and information hiding.
  • OpenMind 2 is a commercial closed source mindmapping application with strong focus on project management and its integration into Microsoft Office. It supports tasks, timings and combines them with dependencies. One of the main features is the use of multiple views including standard mind map one sided hierarchical top-down and left-right, time line, outline and Gantt-chart modes. Maps can be integrated into each other (sub maps) and templates can be defined. No need to say that this software only supports Microsoft Windows.
  • Nelements KOS. 3D mind mapping software.
  • ShadowPlan a PalmOS based software with some desktop component. Not really a graphical mind mapper, but helps to sort thoughts in form of to-do lists.
  • Thinkgraph. Free, however, not free as in freedom, with a licence which is not even open source, not to mention GNU. And using FreeMind or Thinkgraph feels very different. With FreeMind you work much faster, but in Thinkgraph you have some different display options and the positioning of elements is more free (free also means that you have to do it, which makes it slower).


  • VYM - View Your Mind. Vym is a GNU PGL licenced mind mapper running on Linux and Mac OS. VYM has not been reported to run on Microsoft Windows. VYM's main branches look more like in a mind manager than FreeMind. VYM stores data in XML. VYM claims to support images; it is not clear if better than FreeMind. VYM is implemented using C++ and QT toolkit. Main advantage of VYM is probably its speed.
  • ABC FlowCharter by MicroGrafx and Microsoft Visio are considered to be good mind mapping tool by some people.
  • Kdissert is a GPL mindmapper software with an emphasis on creating structured documents.
  • Mappio - FreeMind MindMap Library. Web library that lets you browse/share/download mind maps in FreeMind format.

There is a FreeMind file listing most competitors with links to screenshots, sites and very brief comments. Browse or download it. Feel free to update it and then change the link (I wanted to upload the file here, but it didn't work).

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